International Society for a Cultivated Communication und Communicative Culture



„communication & culture" is a creative workshop initiating cultural projects as well as communication concepts and trainings, generating new ideas, doing the conceptual work, leading processes and projects up to the implementation on stage or in trainings.

The combination of culture and communication is essential for our work, where creativity meets high professional skills and the superb quality is based on an intelligent multicultural standard, clear ethical values and personal integrity of all partners.

The Chairman of "communication & culture", Dan Wiener, has built, apart from his work as an actor, musician and producer, a reputation as a communication expert, last representing Switzerland Tourism as a host trainer for EURO 2008.
The main partners of „communication & culture" are in the network of the 3DC-Academy and the theatre company Thorgevsky & Wiener.



  • Topics in 2016 : presentation, dialogue, negotiation, conflict, leadership, values, media, time, meeting, interculturality, behaviour, codes, heirarchies, small-talk, business-talk, hospitality, 3DC, self management, transparency, responsibility, entrepreneurship
  • International Coaching
    A part from the workshops in a various number of branches in Switzerland and Germany, our clients profit from our knowhow in France, Poland, Russia, UK, UAE, Malaysia and the USA.